A multi instrumentalist on the Nashville scene, Charles P Anderson  is also a gifted songwriter/producer who has been closely linked since the late 70’s to Nashville and Memphis area artists.   A Grand Rapids, Michigan native, Anderson is just one of 7 in a family of talented songwriters/musicians.  He began guitar studies at the age of 12, later working with various nightclub acts and recording artist. Through the ’80s and ’90s he did stints of varying lengths with Billy Lee Riley( Arkansas Music Hall Of Fame/”Red Hot”/Flying Saucer Rock & Roll) JM Van Eaton (Roy Orbison/Jerry Lee Lewis), and the late Marcus Van Story all at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. He also performed with the Red Wing Band, Sneak Preview, and the Anderson Brothers Band. In addition to leading his solo career since the ’80s, Anderson was part of several recording projects as Songwriter/Musician/ Producer on the “Neal Leon Weaver”, “Full Circle” (Martin Anderson), “Soul Confessions” (CPA) & “Solid Blue” (Bridge & Lane) CD’s. Other recommended albums are ” Martin Lee Anderson’s Greatest Hits Vol.I” ALBO Label, “Sneak Preview Live” on Chart Label. Since the mid nineties, he has also played a prominent role in the formation of Sweet Irene Music, a independent music publishing company specializing in Radio, TV, & Film. 

Chuck’s Discography

Anderson Bros. Live-1981

Red Wing Band Live-1981

Martin Lee Anderson’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1- Co-writer/Musician – 1984

Sneak Preview: “Live” 1984

The Sun Sessions: Memphis/1992

Neal Leon Weaver: “Arkansas” 2000-Producer

Martin Lee Anderson: “Full Circle” 2001- Producer/Co-Writer

Chuck Anderson: “Soul Confessions” 2003 Artist/Producer

Anderson Brothers: “Solid Blue” 2006-07 Artist/Producer

Formation of Sweet Irene Music: 2008- present “Music for Film, TV & Radio

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