Thanks so much for stopping by. There’s so much more music & blog updates to get too. I’ve been doing some remodeling to the studio and can’t wait to start tracking again. Stay tuned and stay well!

Well the new Instrumental EP is here…. Its called: Mom said “TURN IT DOWN!” Give a listen!

“Ride’n Shotgun”

“Come On Home”

John Schlitt’s CD “Go”!

As most of you know, John Schlitt (Petra/Head East) is one of the best Rock & Roll vocalist around. With a career spanning over 40 years, multiple Grammy’s and a resume that most of us in the music field could only dream of having. So needless to say, I’m very pumped about his new CD release “Go”. I’m so honored that a song John & I wrote together made the cut on “Go”. The song is called “Where Would I Be” (track 7). It’s very Motown-ish with a great groove & even a better message. It’s always great to work with John…..he’s a true artist and a great friend. Here’s a link to the CD: https://schlittshop.com/album/go

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